Forklift Safety Checklist

As one of the lifting gear in plant site, forklift ought to get satisfactory consideration particularly about its security. Different potential risks are related with forklift activity. Complete check before forklift activity will guarantee forklift driver security, yet in addition different representatives and company resources.

A forklift security agenda will help guaranteeing its wellbeing condition. It will assist you with recognizing any issue and possible issue with forklift. Having forklift security agenda is fundamental and it will be given inside your plant site.

Inquiries in the wellbeing agenda ought to be replied with Yes or No and complete with comment or remark assuming the response is No.

General data

Name of working environment
Running area
Recognizable proof of forklift
Work depiction (brief)

Working environment conditions

Is the working region totally isolated from walkers?
Are there clear and enough wellbeing signs which caution walkers against forklift?
Are walker pathway and zebra intersections conceded?
Are laborers totally restricted to cross forklift pathway?
Are mirrors introduced at the whole vulnerable sides?
Are changes to the working region and мотокари some other working environment configuration informed to whole related specialists?

Forklift part check

Does the forklift detail meet the working prerequisite?
Is clear forklift load graph gave?
Is safety belt gave?
Does the most extreme speed controlled?
Do horn, turning around beeper, nearness marker and blazing light capability appropriately?
Is falling item defensive design of Dudes gave on the forklift?
Are the upkeep performed consistently?
Are forklift support and fix records kept up with?
Is there enough fuel inside forklift?
Is forklift battery charged?
Are the forklift tires completely swelled?
Are the tires pressure enough and safe?
Are the tires in great circumstances?
Do the forklift brakes work?
Is the guiding function admirably?
Does the stuff control work?
Are the left and right mirrors accessible and clear?
Do all markers and measures work appropriately?
Are there any fluid breaks from the forklift?
Are fuel, oil, water driven liquid and coolant levels enough?
Is convenient fire douser fitted on the forklift?
Is wearing hard cap an unquestionable requirement for forklift administrators?
Have other individual defensive hardware, for example, eye goggles, ear fittings and wellbeing shoes to be worn?

Forklift Administrators/Drivers

Do forklift administrators or drivers have forklift driving permit or forklift testament?
Does the driver comprehend the heap outline?
Are fitting preparation gave?
Have forklift drivers been given related preparing?
Do the drivers know the very working environment design in the plant site?
Do forklift drivers follow the pathways accurately?
Are forklift drivers or administrators healthy?